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  • To enhance and develop the governance skills, competencies and teamwork for Boards, individual directors and board officers- including the Chairpersons of Boards and board Committees, Committees and members of Board Committees Chief Executive Officers and key Senior Executives, Secretaries to the Board and Compliance officers
  • To build institutional  and individual capacity and inculcate skills to measure, evaluate and monitor the quality, impact, and extent of implementation of corporate governance practices


  • Advising, mentoring and supporting chairpersons and individual directors to effectively discharge their roles.
  • Advising on and developing organizational specific governance instruments including Board Charters, Governance Manuals, codes of conduct and ethics, terms of reference for board Committees and evaluation tools.
  • Facilitating Board evaluations and follow-up on recommendations.
  • Facilitating Board and management retreats and team building programs linking corporate governance to strategic leadership, competitive & performance excellence, change and risk management.
  • Undertaking governance audits and reviews assisting organizations and boards ensure regulatory compliance, transparent accountability, disclosure and reporting in accordance with applicable laws and best practices.
  • Helping boards put in place performance management systems for institutional excellence and management oversight.
  • Assisting boards to develop and put in place proactive, purposeful and systematic succession management systems that ensure the rejuvenation and renewal of the board and leadership continuity, retention and development of knowledge and intellectual capital for the future and encouraging the growth and development of executive management.
  • Helping Board link corporate governance, corporate citizenship, social and environmental accountability to competitive business success.

In all its program activities, ACGAS seeks to develop mutually beneficial collaborative arrangements for the greatest common good of shareholders, investors, customers, other stakeholders, and society.


Africa Corporate Governance Advisory Services (ACGAS) is a consultancy and advisory services company established in 2008. ACGAS was started by a team of certified corporate governance trainers under the leadership of Karugor Gatamah. He is the founder and first Chief Executive of CCG.
ACGAS sets out to promote excellence in corporate governance by delivering:

  • Capacity to install, maintain and deliver sustainable practices for competitive and performance excellence.
  • Capacity to measure and test the quality and impact of corporate governance and leadership practices.

We seek to achieve four fundamental objectives:

  • Improve the governance of enterprises.
  • Enhance the attractiveness, credibility, sustainability of the business sector in Africa.
  • Facilitate the establishment of collaborative platforms – between public, private and civil society sectors.
  • To secure a stable environment in which business enterprises can grow, thrive and sustainably create wealth.

Our Vision: Entrenching best corporate governance practices for the competitive excellence of corporations across the African continent.

Our Mission: is to promote collective action to implement best corporate governance practices for the sustainable success, competitive and performance excellence of business enterprises through capacity building, monitoring, evaluating and measuring quality and impact of practices, and the establishment of collaborative partnerships.

Our Guiding Values:

  • Pursuit of professional excellence
  • Focused intelligence, passion and innovative creativity.
  • Social accountability with integrity and sincerity.
  • Responsible stewardship in the best interests of all our clients

OUR RANGE OF CLIENTS INCLUDES – and is not limited to:

  • State Owned Enterprises
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Quoted Companies
  • Banks and other Financial institutions
  • Professional, and self-regulatory organizations
  • NGOs, Civil Society, and Community Based organizations
  • Private and Family Companies
  • Micro-Finance Institutions
  • Savings and Credit Cooperatives
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Universities and other educational institutions
  • County and devolved government authorities



Karugor Gatamah has over 40 years of experience in governance, strategic leadership, and financial management. He has worked in the public, private and civil society sectors. He has been a chairman of the board, an executive and non-executive director, a chief executive officer, deputy city treasurer and more.
He currently serves as the CEO at the ACGAS, as a trainer, consultant and technical advisor in corporate governance and leadership.

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