In all its training, consultancy and advisory programs, the specific objectives of ACGAS Ltd are:

  • To build an ethical, result oriented and excellence driven organizational culture
  •  To building the commitment and capacity of institutional leadership and management to drive competitive, performance and sustainable excellence.
  • To enhancing the capacity and capability of the entire work force of the organization to exercise ethical and disciplined conduct, drive excellence and deliver the absolute most in results in customer service as a tool for institutional sustainability
  • Inculcate a digital and technological mindset, creative innovativeness and commitment to excellence across all levels of organization
  • Exciting all the personnel in the organization to adopt and accept change, be the champions of ethical conduct and stewardship

Specifically, in all the training programs, ACGAS Ltd seeks to promote:
Ethical organizational Culture, focusing on

  • Understanding of the difference between values, ethics and culture
  • Clarity on what corporate culture is and why it is important to have an ethical corporate Culture?
  • Strategies and tools for managing ethics and the ethical corporate culture
  • The respective roles of the Board, CEO and managers in creating and driving organizational culture
  • The conduct and control of the individual in the responsible management of wok practices, professional conduct and development
  • The ethical conduct of the team and responsibilities to eliminate and report on unethical conduct
  • Taking responsibility, being accountable and answerable.

Organizational Excellence – with focus on:

  • Understanding competitive, performance and sustainable excellence
  • Insisting on ethical conduct in all activities; excellence and best quality in all services and products
  • Systems and processes for delivering the absolute most in results
  • Building trust, confidence and commitment to deliver excellence at all levels
  • Performance excellence with timely and constructive feedback
  • Striving for continuous improvement and better results at all times
  • Innovative creativity with digital leadership, ICT management in the disruptive technological era
  • Creating high performance and result oriented teams
  • Development of talent and human resources for performance excellence
  • Collective responsibility and team work for shared prosperity