The delivery of all training courses is based on an integrated approach that balances relevant and concise training materials, lectures from a subject matter specialist, focused and interactive group discussions, examination of customized case studies, role plays, group exercises and participant led presentations. The facilitation process also includes experiential learning activities to develop the skills and capacity of participants to contribute effectively in improving the governance, leadership and management skills; ability to drive or exercise competitive, performance and sustainable excellence; efficiently and effectively use entrusted resources based on peer learning, sharing of experiences, creative thinking, problem solving, leadership development and objectively independent judgment.

The training process is further designed to enrich the collective team governance, leadership and management skills of participants by allowing the sharing, interrogation, evaluation and exchange of the extensive experiences of participants so as to allow for improvement of best practices in organizations.

ACGAS Ltd tries to make the training as practical as possible using case studies, focused group discussions and exercises, role plays and other aids to ensure that participants bring out, discuss and agree on the conceptual framework, principles and pillars of good corporate governance, leadership and management and how to apply those principles to put in place best standards that promote the competitive, performance and sustainable excellence in their respective organizations that deliver the absolute most in results to all.

In addition, and so as maximize on the overall impact of the training, ACGAS Ltd seeks to facilitate the transfer of practical lessons learnt back to the workplace, by ensuring that the training covers the theoretical aspects as well as practical case studies and discussions relevant to the work context.

In all cases ACGAS seeks to ensure that the course facilitators are persons with extensive, relevant and many years of experience serving as senior managers, CEO’s and board members in leading organizations in the public, private and public sectors. It also seeks to have persons who have travelled widely and accumulated varied experience from other countries in Africa, Asia, Europe
and the America’s so as to add international experience and value to the training.