Henry Ford

The “RedBiz” theme from SpecThemes is yet another quality piece of work. I love the simple yet professional design and the quality of the code is clear …

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The Value of Authenticity in Corporate Leadership

Being an authentic leader “means feeling comfortable in your own skin…” “When you believe in your vision, your voice, and your path, your leadership is more than simply giving orders.” “Your leadership becomes a means of connecting…,” What does it mean to be a truly authentic leader? Is it strictly the act of aligning your corporate actions […]


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Effective Leadership in Business

Successful business is reliant on effective leadership to cast vision, motivate employees and implement positive change. The leadership in a business has a direct impact on the corporate culture, organizational development and management style, produccing excellent performance, fulfilled employees and a positive image in the eyes of the public. Role The role of effective leadership in business is to[…]